• 60 Day Caveman Evolution
The 60-Day Caveman Evolution

The 60-Day Caveman Evolution

Modeled after the Austin Caveman long term nutrition and training philosophy, this program includes everything you need to get onto the path of primal living.

Primal Menu Plan with Recipes
Slenderella Boost Primal Supplement
60-Day Workout Program

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  • Caveman Evolution Training

    The Austin Caveman approach to fitness is centered on functional movements that are, and have been, applicable to daily human mechanics throughout history.

  • Caveman Evolution Nutrition

    As more and more emerging research points to a modern, highly processed food diet leading to increased chronic illness and negatively impacting the overall health during the average lifespan there is a growing segment of health professionals adopting a primal approach to dietary lifestyle to counter act the issues.


Caveman Functional Fitness Program

Weekly workout program that starts you with body weight exercises intended to promote muscle balance and increases metabolic output. The increase in metabolic output coupled with The Austin Caveman Diet Plan and Slenderella drink are a great start to you moving in a functional fitness routine and changing dietary habits.

Caveman Dietary Plan

60-day dietary pap that includes meal recipes, the must Do’s & Don’ts of implementing the Primal Lifestyle in the Modern Age and proper hydration & recovery tips to break old patterns that have not worked.

Slenderella Boost Drink Mix

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Caveman Coaching

Aaron Knight, Head Trainer of The Austin Caveman, will coach you throughout the 60 days to make sure you stay on track.

Ready to Start?

If you’re ready to start living like a modern caveman but not sure to start, you need a consult! Click the link below and get started.