The Austin Caveman Nutrition

Caveman Functional Fitness Approach

The Austin Caveman approach to fitness is centered on functional movements that are, and have been, applicable to daily human mechanics throughout history.

  • What Our Approach DOESN'T Require

    Although the environments modern humans have today are far easier to navigate and increasingly require little to no movement, the human body still needs to move in ways we have evolved doing for millennia. The Austin Caveman approach will not require you to fashion a spear and hunt the land for your own food.

  • What Our Approach DOES Require

    Our Approach does incorporate fundamental movements as well as utilize modern equipment to promote mobility, build strength, lose (and maintain) weight and increase endurance in all aspects of fitness.

  • Why Our Approach is Different

    By using unconventional training the body must adapt to new (for the modern era, yet old by human measures) movements and strengthen muscles that have become terribly underutilized in the modern world. TAC fitness approach will help you create your own Primal Lifestyle in the Modern Age by focusing on building muscle stability before incorporating compound movements that will build power for use in everyday life.

The Austin Caveman functional fitness approach will never promise to shed weight in an unrealistic amount time but it will increase real flexibility and usable power in your everyday life.

Training Options

Personal Training

Personal Training

The Austin Caveman offers personal training in home, outdoors, or at your gym (client to cover cost of trainers day pass); focusing on functional training utilizing body weight, kettlebells, battle ropes, maces; OCR/Trail Race preparation.

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching

The Austin Caveman offers tele-coaching for nutritional coaching. The pricing depends on how often you need consultations.



Not sure where to begin? Start with a comprehensive assessment. The Austin Caveman will show you where you’re at and lay out a plan to acheive where you want to go.

Ready to Start?

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