How do I start ordering meals?

Place an order through the Meals page and we will reach out to you to confirm the order and coordinate meal delivery/pick up.

How long do meals keep?

Once your meals are delivered/picked up, refrigerate and hold for up to 5 days. Discard any meals after 5 days. Meals with leafy greens and green vegetables should be consumed with priority to ensure freshness.

Is there a minimum amount for delivery?

There is a $50 minimum for Cedar Park, Leander, Jonestown delivery and $80 minimum for Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville and Lakeway.

How should I prepare/heat my meals?

Meals can be reheated in 2-3 minutes in a microwave. If you do not use microwaves please communicate to us and we will label your meals with alternative heating instructions for oven or stove.

Can I freeze meals?

Yes, most meals can be frozen for up to 2-3 weeks before being consumed. Meals with leafy greens and softer green vegetables should not be frozen to prevent breaking down due to the freezing and thawing process. Please note that if you freeze your meals the taste and texture may be altered due to the freezing process.

What about food allergies?

Due to the nature of our meal prep service we already minimize or eliminate some of the major food allergens. If you have particular food allergies those need to be communicated when you place your orders so we can make adjustments (when possible) or menu suggest alternatives. TAC meals are produced in a facility that contains common allergens and although we take every measure to eliminate certain allergens there may be trace amounts in our meals.

I follow a specialized diet, what options does TAC have?

Our meal prep service is a primal diet focused service. If you have specialized dietary requests we offer customized meals, additional cost may apply.

Meals are listed as Individual; do we offer meals in larger sizes?

We do offer meals in larger containers for families or multiple servings.

When do menus change?

The menus will be static seasonally. There will new additions periodically and major changes to the menus every three months. Our most popular items will remain in the menus throughout the year.

Does TAC meal service offer catered meals and/or in home service for parties?

Yes. If you are interested in having the TAC cater an event or cook for a dinner party (or just for your family) please send us an email through the Contact page and we can coordinate with you for your event.

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