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You know there’s something better, just not sure how to do it…

Do you wake on weekends with the intent of doing things better? Not any one thing but numerous things. Eat better, move more, seek out positive people, go to an event that is new and exciting instead doing the same old shit you’ve done. All common thoughts, goals and aspirations that people have daily, people just like you and just like me.

In this short article I want to paint a picture, a common one, which 98% of people can relate. In this picture we will look at a family scenario but if you are not a parent it is very relatable to the majority of adults as well.

Where do you start?

Let’s look at Claudia. Mother of two school age kids, works a M-F office job, mild to moderate social life, likes to stay active by occasionally going to the gym and doing things with the kids over the weekends and school breaks.

Claudia knows she could do better with meals, not just hers but for the kids as well. But where does a working parent of young children start?

Does she buy one book that outlines the newest fad diet? Does she sign up for a national weight loss program that promises great results as seen on T.V. and hope that her newfound knowledge trickles down to the children? Does she walk through the grocery store and just start buying the “better” ingredients she’s heard about from friends, click bait articles or Face Book?

Honestly any of these might work and be a great start for Claudia. Hell doing several at once might be the push she needs to turn the tide for her, for her kids and down the genetic line. Although these steps might enact change the probability is low.

An average weekend for Claudia and her family starts out the same: wake up to make a breakfast before heading out to local attractions, sporting events, shopping or just to run around and play the day away. Like many Americans, Claudia grabs a box of pancake mix from her pantry, adds some water and belts out some pancakes to top with syrup.

Rather standard start to the day for many families but the unspoken issues with this picture is that the food Claudia is making is negatively impacting her and her children’s health.

By this point we have all heard that the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is slowly killing our country however so many of us are all too slow to change the habits we have grown up with or simply adopted in the last 10 years.

Do we throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to diet? Do we abandon all our favorite foods in favor of boiled chicken breast and asparagus? Nope! We take the time to educate ourselves on the food items that are having severe negative impact on our health and use alternative ingredients. We shift our focus from simply “what we’ve always done” and convenience to what is best for me and those that come after me.

How to Change

I have been in Claudia’s shoes with the “how” of changing my health for the better as well as my children’s…and doing it in a sustainable manner that we all stick with. And after hitting the proverbial “wall” I decided to take my two decades of professional culinary experience and change the state of my total body health as well as my children’s.

Deciding to empty out my pantry and fridge was one of the best decisions I made as an adult and as a parent.

Part of A Primal Life in the Modern Age is ditching conventional pancake mixes and maple flavored syrup (read-corn syrup) and replacing them with The Austin Caveman Primal Pancakes and natural sweeteners (like raw honey, real maple syrup or just some fresh fruit).

Why would anyone want to switch from S.A.D. foods to a primal focus on modern meals? Well enjoying a short stack of grain free, low glycemic, high fat (healthy fats) and dairy free pancakes is not only as satisfying to the palate as conventional pancakes but their benefits include:

  • Does not spike insulin levels
  • Does not lend to long term insulin resistance
  • Does not promote diabetes
  • Does not cause gut inflammation
  • Does increase satiety
  • Does provide healthy fats for hormone regulation

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