The Austin Caveman Nutrition

Caveman Nutrition

The Austin Caveman meal prep service is built around creating a Primal Lifestyle in the Modern Age. We at TAC remove the modern ingredients that are causing so many of the health issues facing you today.

  • What Our Meals DON'T Contain

    There are no conventional oils, dyes, wheat or wheat (gluten) containing ingredients or highly processed foods used in our meals.

  • What Our Meals DO Contain

    We take a whole food approach to every meal we create; clean meats, fresh vegetables, healthy fats, non-gmo grains and unprocessed carbohydrates.

  • Why You Should Eat Like a Caveman

    As more and more emerging research points to a modern, highly processed food diet leading to increased chronic illness and negatively impacting the overall health during the average lifespan there is a growing segment of health professionals adopting a primal approach to dietary lifestyle to counter act the issues.

With the Austin Caveman Nutrition, we are not just a meal service to help support any one aspect of your dietary life, we are a meal service to support all aspects of your life through cleaner, more enjoyable meals!

Meal Options

Custom Meals

Custom Meals

The Austin Caveman offers custom meals for those with certain dietary needs. Get started with a custom meal quote.

Custom Nutrition Plan

Custom Nutrition Plan

Not sure where to begin? Start with a comprehensive assessment. The Austin Caveman will show you where you’re at and lay out a plan to acheive where you want to go.

Ready to Start?

If you’re ready to start living like a modern caveman but not sure to start, you need a consult! Click the link below and get started.